A breath of fresh air

Quintessential Hush Puppies®, The Orbz Collection evokes a relaxed sensibility using natural materials and uncomplicated details. The Orbz Collection reveals contemporary designs that are fresh, easy going and free-spirited.

HP.5014L / Leather Watch

HP.3859L / Leather Watch

HP.3855L / Leather Watch

HP.3843L / Leather Watch

HP.3813L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3802L / Leather Watch
Exclusive casual style

This series is almost the definition of Hush Puppies. For decades, Hush Puppies has never changed the spirit of casual, natural and relaxed life style. Discover the fun and classic of Hush Puppies here!

HP.3863L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.5013L / Leather Watch

HP.3860L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3856L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3844L / Leather Watch

HP.3842L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3830L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3784L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3688L / Stainless Steel with Leather Watch

HP.3682L / Stainless Steel Watch

HP.3616L / Stainless Steel & Leather Pasted Watch

HP.7142L / Stainless Steel Watch
Exceed the imagination of all

Abundant inspiration comes out of nowhere here with Hush Puppies Freestyle. There are no logics and no limitations! We bring you the cheerful mood and welcome you to enjoy the freestyle imagination.